If you were to understand our planet only from the images that NASA and other space agencies snap from above, you might think we were a bucolic, peaceful species at home with our environment. But the planet has plenty of eco-problems — especially with water. Across the globe, permafrost and glaciers are melting, while sea levels are rising.
7 countries battling water issues


This great infographic, pulled from the results of a TIME and Qualcomm survey, shows us the global impact of wireless technology—and how different countries feel about their phones. Full graphic here.

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Imagine feeling like you’re lifting a 50-kilogram weight just by pulling at thin air. That’s just one of the possible applications of new “smart fingertips” created by a team of nanoengineers. The electronic fingers mold to the shape of the hand, and so far the researchers have shown that they can transmit electric signals to the skin. The team hopes to one day incorporate the devices into a smart glove that creates virtual sensations, fooling the brain into feeling everything from texture to temperature.


The truth is that there are plenty of company heads out there nationwide that have their heads buried in the sand when it comes to social media. If you work for one of them, do them and your company a favor: Go pick up a shovel and start digging them out. #domainnames


Craigslist Realizes It Went Too Far, No Longer Requires Exclusive License To Your Posts »

We’ve been noting some questionable behavior on the part of Craigslist lately, including its change in policy in which it tried to claim an exclusive license to everything you post on the site. This was of dubious legality already, and it appears that Craigslist has realized that it was going way too far. It’s now dropped the exclusivity requirement, though has remained (typically) quiet about its thinking. Hopefully this is a sign that the company is actually paying attention to the public outcry about its recent bullying techniques.