The truth is that there are plenty of company heads out there nationwide that have their heads buried in the sand when it comes to social media. If you work for one of them, do them and your company a favor: Go pick up a shovel and start digging them out. #domainnames


“The Pitch,” week six: Who will you vote for this week?

Have you been on Facebook today? Our weekly contest, The Pitch, is heading into Week 6. Pick between a look back at the situation in Syria, a prediction of how the electoral college will act this year, actual coverage of the LIBOR scandal, or the feud between Reid/Romney. The story with the most votes by Friday evening will be written more in-depth for you by Monday. Head over to our FB album and vote! then be sure to read this week’s Pitch: “The Olympics and social media: When restrictive brand standards stifle everyone.”

Hit Your Mark, One Arrow at a Time

We meet with so many people that have so many ideas that they don’t even know where to begin. I liken a lot of these people to archers. They get so excited they want to throw all of their ideas out to see what sticks instead of patiently learning and waiting for the right moment to draw their bow and launch their business plan. To read about the six qualities an entrepreneur and business person needs before launching an online marketing plan read our latest blog: Hit Your Mark, One Arrow at a Time.

Is social media spoiling the Olympics for you?


Can the broadcast business model survive social media,  given situations like these?

Count Rob Holliday among the Olympic traditionalists. He, too, has turned off push alerts and kept Twitter and Facebook use to a minimum. He’s also avoiding major online news sites and turns off the radio and TV when anchors issue Olympic spoiler alerts.

“I thought it was a fairly airtight plan,” he said. “After jumping through all those technological hoops, I walked in to my daughter’s pediatrician’s office only to hear a woman say, ”’Guess what? Team USA won the gold in women’s gymnastics!’ Argh!!“  
Via The Oshkosh Northwestern