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Twitter, they said, has been actively pitching a select group of advertisers on a video series that would live on Twitter and enable users to participate in real time in some fashion. Twitter declined to comment.

The original series has been described by sources as similar to MTV reality shows The Real World and The Hills; in fact, one of the producers behind The Hills is said to be behind the project. Per sources, the show could live on a standalone Twitter page similar to the events page that Twitter launched in partnership with Nascar in June.

Traditionally Twitter has served a social hub complementary to TV and disputed notions that it’s a media company. This week Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told The Wall Street Journal that Twitter is a “technology company in the media business.” But airing a video series on a platform would put Twitter alongside digital media companies like AOL, AOL-owned Huffington Post, Yahoo, Hulu and YouTube—although recent moves by the company have hinted that Twitter is building its media footprint.

Every person in charge of a Social Media Project or Campaign should have these 5 qualities: 5 Must Have Skills in a Social Media Manager.

"“These are the features that make Twitter Twitter,” Product Manager Michael Sippey wrote, referring to expanded tweets. For established Twitter users and developers, that statement is hard to swallow. For one thing, expanded tweets are a brand-new product that hasn’t been around long enough to have any impact whatsoever. More to the point, nearly all the features that make Twitter what it is today were invented by users dissatisfied with Twitter’s own user interface."

Knowing which social media site is best for you or your business can be difficult. How much time do you invest in each one? How many do you use? How do you get people engaged? What do you think?  

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White Hat Social Media is a Phoenix, AZ based business put together by people who have a passion for not only keeping up with the latest technologies, the constant changes in social media and its marketing, but also to help see other businesses become more successful.

Every business has something unique to offer.  Although some businesses may seem the same on the outside each business has its own unique story, its own passion, its own purpose, and its own niche.  Members of White Hat Social Media have worked closely with a lot of different businesses over the years from successful small businesses and corporations to budding new businesses.  We have extensive experience in sales and marketing and along with you, are experiencing the power of social media and how it is quickly changing our world and how our world does business.  We have also experienced the frustrations of feeling “SPAMMED” through social media and the Internet.

Technology and all of the changes that are coming with it can be overwhelming.  Technology is changing how we communicate, live our lives, and market our businesses.  If you don’t keep up with the constant changes your message can get lost in the sea of information that we are all being bombarded with.  

At White Hat Social Media, it is our passion to help a busy, growing, or new business find their target audience and market to it through the powerful tool that is social media.  We believe that in order to hold your target market’s attention you must find your niche, what sets you apart from your competitors.  It is also important to make connections, keep those connections strong and valuable by continually engaging your audience, not only your clients or customers but other businesses as well.  White Hat Social Media will find what makes your business special and use that to help your business market itself in its own unique way by using social media, blogs, and other various Internet tools to establish and grow connections and relationships with new and existing target audiences.

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There will always be changes to our website and social media sites because technology and all business’ needs are constantly evolving.  We look forward to your feedback and following as we all work together to be successful and grow!