McKinsey Global Institute, the research arm of the business consulting giant, has just published a lengthy study on “unleashing value and productivity through social technologies.” The short version is that things like improved communication and collaboration from social media in four major business sectors could add $900 billion to $1.3 trillion in value to the economy.

The value is mostly through added productivity. Improved consumer focus as well as better-functioning teams are two other benefits.

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Social Media Spotlight: LinkedIn

There are a lot of people out there with big ideas or great passions but they aren’t sure what to do with them. I wonder how many of these people are on LinkedIn and are active in the groups there. There are endless possibilities for businesses, non-profits, and anyone looking for a job or a cause. Are you LinkedIn? Read more at our blog: Why You Need To Make LinkedIn A Priority

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Staying Relevant – Social Media Conversations 

  • add value and create opportunities
  • educate and inform
  • motivate, inspire, acknowledge and validate
  • show yourself as a person
  • provide opportunities to “own” your brand

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Socially Speaking

Keep in mind that social media is the new PR. You cannot use it as an advertising platform. It is not the place for a sales pitch. You need to use social media to drive customers to your blog or website.

How do you do this?

  1. Find a ‘constant gardener’ to become the face of your social media campaign.
  2. Charm your audience.
  3. Work it. Remember you need to put in your 10 000 hours before you’re an expert at anything.
  4. Never ask your client to buy your product. Invite. Persuade. Hard sell does not work here.
  5. Become partners with your client.
  6. Treat your client as you would treat a friend you respect and admire.
  7. Identify which social media platforms suit your business. All companies must be present on Facebook and Google+. Facebook because of numbers. Google+ because of search. Find somebody to help you with this.

By Amanda Patterson

Amanda is the founder and CEO of Writers Write. She has more than 50 000 followers across various social media. More than 60% of her company’s business originates across social media platforms

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